Why hire a professional photographer for your photo shoot? 

To get the best quality photos as possible, of course! This means hiring a professional photographer who is skilled in his or her trade and does it for a living. In addition, has vast experience and the right equipment to produce high quality images. Now, this can mean it comes with a premium price, but don’t your most precious moments deserve that?

Often times after seeing our work, clients have expressed they wish they could have hired a professional photographer during that special moment (i.e. chole's first weeks, during pregnancy, engagement celebration etc.). We are here to fulfill that need. Remember these special moments cannot be repeated…be still the moment before it passes you by!

Now, it’s true that the digital age has made it easy for all consumers to point and shoot. There are even DSLR cameras available to you at your local stores, but these models are not comparable to a professional grade DSLR camera. Professional photographers invest a large percentage of their money for the necessary equipment. This also includes computers, editing software, lighting tools, camera accessories and so forth.

You are hiring a professional photographer because he/she knows what makes compelling artistic pictures and how to make you look fabulous! Once a photo shoot is done, it does not stop there. Hours of post production time is invested to polish lighting, composition, color and style for each image to make the end result riveting!

What am I paying a professional photographer for?

Normally you are paying a professional photographer for:
  • Skill and time
  • Shoot and processing time
  • Print's and products
  • Print release rights
What equipment do we use ?

I Shoot with a Canon 5 D mark 3 camera and a 5D mark 2 as a backup
Canon 135 mm F 2.0 L 
Canon 24-105 mm 4.0 L
Sigma 50 mm 1.4
Alien Bees  
Canon speed lights 
A simple reflector (for most outside Shoots)

My  Style

I like bright  poppy images with a fun natural look
I want to make your photos have a timeless look and avoid vintage and trendy editing 

Progressing and editing style 

We process are dng files  in Lightroom 5 and use alien skin as needed
We try to get everything Right while shooting so we only have to do minimal work on the images for a clean look
Everything we take is backup to a hard drive twice so all files are safe 

Does the pea pod photography have a Studio
Yes we do It's located in downtown archbold at
225 N defiance st, Arcbold ,ohio
I prefer to shoot outside if the weather permits,and I'm open to shoot both inside and out

Whats the best time to have photos taken
The best time for taking pictures outdoors is 730 am to 9 am and 7pm to 8pm (depending on the time of the year )
If you have the option to book in this time frame please do so 

Who owns the copyright 

Who owns the digital negatives and the rights to the images?
According to U.S. Copyright Law, the photographer is the copyright owner for the digital and/or film negatives of all images photographer has shot. Please note when hiring a photographer, you are purchasing their professional services: art, time and talent.

when you Buy A cd  from use we give you a print releases form 
but copyright is still owned by us which means you may not take are give credit to anyone other then  me ,
You may not edit are crop are display are work any other way  then whats presented on your cd

Weddings ,what should I expect 
At weddings there will be two shooters to make sure there isn't a moment missed .
I have backup equipment just in case   something happens  so I wont miss anything if my flash breaks and my camera drops I will be ready  .

What if I am late to my photo shoot?
We ask that you arrive at the scheduled time as we may have another photo shoot scheduled shortly after.  If you are late to your photo shoot, the photo shoot time does not extend.  For example if your photo shoot is for one hour 5:00pm – 6:00pm and you arrive at 5:15pm, the photo shoot still ends at 6:00pm.  Therefore, please arrive on time to ensure there is enough time to capture enough great shots and to make it worth your while.

payment is due the day of shoot unless otherwise discussed beforehand 
We accept cash and checks